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Bee's Knees Hedgies



This hedgehog will be going to a new home soon!

Khaos is a huffy boy who will continue to huff even after he has unballed. He is happy to slowly explore his surroundings but he's also content to snuggle on the couch.

Sex: Male

Birthdate: January 27, 2023

Color: Dark gray

Eye Color: Black

Mask Pattern: Almost full mask

Quill Color: Platinum



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Before Placing A Deposit

Please complete an adoption application before placing a deposit. If you place a deposit without a completed application, you will forfeit your deposit.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone at any time for any reason. Bee’s Knees Hedgies also reserves the right for first pick of available babies, or for the select few breeders we work with to have first pick. Our waiting list will then get to pick their hedgehog. Any hedgehogs left after the waiting list chooses will be put on the website as “Available”.

Our hedgehogs will go to pet homes only. We do not sell opposite sexes to anyone. Hedgehogs are solitary by nature and cannot be housed together. Males have been known to kill each other when housed together.

We cannot sell hedgehogs to the following areas: California, Georgia, Hawaii, the five boroughs of New York City, Omaha (NE), and Washington D.C.

We do not offer meet and greets. We raise our hedgehogs in our home, and for the health and safety of our herd, we limit their exposure. We’re more than happy to chat over email, messenger, or Zoom for you to see the hedgehogs up for adoption, and give you recommendations on who might fit your lifestyle. Each hedgehog is different, and while we will always give you our best recommendation, hedgehog temperament can change drastically while quilling. As their adult quills begin to come in, it can become quite painful making them very grumpy. Soothing oatmeal baths can help with the grumpiness and irritability, but it will likely continue until their adult quills come in.

Placing A Deposit

After your adoption application has been approved, we will contact you to let you know that you can place your $50 deposit on your new pet. You will then be free to reserve your hedgehog! We offer support throughout the hedgehog’s entire life, a 6-month congenital defect guarantee, as well as a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS). We also treat our hedgehogs with Revolution every month to protect them from mites.

If you suspect your pet of having WHS, it will need to be confirmed through necropsy as that is the only way to diagnose the disease with any accuracy. There are a number of other illnesses that can cause your hedgehog to have an unsteady gait. Strokes aren’t uncommon and being too cold can make them uncoordinated and sluggish. If your pet is diagnosed with WHS, we will replace your pet.

Hedgehog pricing is based on color, temperament, and sex. While there’s no difference in temperament between males and females, females are often the most sought after. We cannot guarantee hedgehog color as hedgehog coloration can change until they finish with quilling around 6 months of age. The colors we mention on the listing are our best guess at adult coloration.

Ready by dates are only an approximation. Hedgehogs will not go home if they are under 180g as we want to make sure we send you home with a healthy and thriving pet.

By placing a deposit, you agree to our pickup/transport guidelines. You will be required to choose a pickup option when checking out. No contact pickup is available as well as nationwide transport. We work with some great people who we trust to get your new hedgie safely to you. With that said, transport does have its risks as it’s stressful. Bee’s Knees Hedgies has no control over what happens to your pet once it leaves our care, so you are assuming responsibility for your pet. Door-to-door transport service costs begin at $200, with a $50 deposit required when you reserve your pet. Because transport is done through a third-party, we cannot give you an exact date of delivery when you place your deposit. The transporter usually plans a route every month. Please do not contact her about dates and delivery times. We will let you know the approximate date and share the Facebook group with you where you can find updates and schedule shifts. She will have your number or Facebook name to contact you about delivery. You will need to sign paperwork once she arrives as well as show a government issued id to sign for your pet.

You Placed Your Deposit, Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve placed your deposit. You’ve decided what kind of pick-up you would like to do. So, what’s the next step?

If you opted for door-to-door transport, we will let you know the route schedule as soon as we find out. If you opted for a no contact pickup, pickup location will be given to you when your pet is ready. A pickup date needs to be scheduled within 5 days, and you will need to pay in full before pickup. If you do not, then your deposit will be forfeit and we will retain ownership of the animal.

Of course, life can get in the way of pickup! We completely understand this. Reach out to us as soon as you know, so we can reschedule pickup. Do not just come by to pickup your pet. We work fulltime at other jobs and will not be available outside of your pick-up time. If pick-up is not rescheduled within 5 days, then you will forfeit you deposit, and we will retain ownership of the animal. If you miss your pick-up time, it is your responsibility to reach out to us to reschedule.

Hedgehogs need special care. Now is your time to get all the supplies you need or arrange to purchase a full cage set-up from us for $200. If you prefer to do it, then we can give you recommendations on some great options from other small businesses. But here are a few quick tips:

  1. Your hedgehog will need to be kept in temperatures from 75-80 degrees. A thermostat and a ceramic heat emitter are great options to ensure the cage itself is the correct temperature. We do not recommend wire cages or glass aquariums. Wire can be dangerous for their feet, and glass does not hold heat very well. Temperatures below 75 degrees can send your pet into hibernation which is incredibly dangerous for your pet!
    1. Ceramic heat emitter bulb:
    2. Ceramic heat emitter lamp:
    3. Thermostat:
      d. Sterilite tub for a cage:
      +bin&qid=1685338443&sprefix=106+quart%2Caps%2C209&sr=8-15 *note* you do not
      have to get this exact tub, we recommend tubs at least 106 quarts or larger.
  2. We use paper pellet bedding as substrate. Other options include: fleece liners, aspen shavings (never cedar as it’s toxic!), and Carefresh. If you are using paper products, you will need to make sure they are unscented. Hedgehogs snuffle and dig through their bedding so scented products can cause respiratory distress.
    1. Paper pellet bedding:
      b. Crinkle paper for burrowing:
      0TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ== *note* we don’t recommend using colored paper shreds.
      We recommend kraft paper or white paper shreds only
  3. You will get a ziploc bag of food when your pet goes home that should last you 2 weeks. We can offer recommendations for food options but know that hedgehogs are insectivores. Live insects are a great foraging activity and enrichment for your pet, but you can also offer dried insects.
    1. Food options include: Purina One Sensitive Systems Chicken cat food, Rachel Ray, Nutrish Chicken and brown rice cat food, Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Sensitive Stomach Cat food.
      b. Dried insects:
  4. Hedgehogs run miles every night, so a wheel is a must-have. We prefer the Carolina Storm bucket wheels as they are wide enough for a hedgehog to properly stretch while running and are fairly silent. We do not recommend you purchase a Silent Spinner wheel for your pet! The gap in the wheel can catch toenails or toes and seriously injure your pet. Wheels will need to be cleaned daily.
    1. Bucket Wheels:
  5. We recommend and use water bottles, but you can also use a water bowl if you prefer. They both come with drawbacks you should be aware of. Water bottles will need to be checked at least once a day as they can become clogged (especially if you have hard water). Water bowls can be knocked over, so they will also need to be checked at least once a day. You want your pet to have access to fresh, clean water at all times. Just be aware that they both come with caveats so you can plan around them.
    1. Water bottles with chicken nipples:
  6. You should check your pet’s cage daily to check your pet’s health, and so you can understand what’s normal for your pet. Wet bedding can cause mold to grow, so it should be removed. The wheel will need to cleaned. Old food should be picked up.
    1. Snuggle sacks: we send each hedgie home with a free snuggle sack. There are lots of
      options on Etsy to get additional snuggle sacks.
    2. Hide:
  7. You should check your pet’s cage daily to check your pet’s health, and so you can understand
    what’s normal for your pet. Wet bedding can cause mold to grow, so it should be removed. The
    wheel will need to cleaned. Old food should be picked up.

Picking-up Your New Pet

The day is here! You’ve purchased your cage. You have a travel carrier to bring your pet home safely. And you’ve sent the rest of the adoption fee. We will give you location details when we confirm your pick-up time. Confirmation will be sent roughly 48 hours before pick-up.

Your pet will go home with:

  1. A baggie of food that should last 2 weeks
  2. A snuggle sack, which is perfect for couch cuddling.
  3. A mint chew
  4. Care instructions